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Wastewater legislation and guidelines

Draft - Code of Practice for Onsite Sewage Management

This new draft - Code of Practice for Onsite Sewage Management (the Code) sets the minimum requirements for on-site sewage systems in unsewered areas of Western Australia. The code applies to any on-site sewage system serving premises where the sewage is totally or in part of human origin.

The purpose of this new Code is to ensure the safe disposal sewage to safeguard public health and protect the environment.

This code will replace the Health (Treatment of Sewage and Disposal of Effluent and Liquid Waste) Regulations 1974 and the Code of Practice for the Design, Manufacture, Installation and Operation of Aerobic Treatment Units.

The Code is to be read in conjunction with the Australian and New Zealand standard: Onsite Domestic Wastewater Management – AS/NZS 1547:2012.

AS/NZS 1547:2012 provides a national best practice approach to onsite sewage management. The standard is performance based which addresses proper planning, design, testing, quality assurance, training, accreditation and certification. It has been adopted by NSW, Victoria and Queensland and other states are following suit. By adopting this standard, the regulations will be brought in line with current best practice trends and as such this will reduce risks of failure and mismanagement of onsite systems and ultimately risk to public and environmental health.

The consultation period to provide comments on the draft-Code is closed. The received comments on the draft-Code will be considered and incorporated into the final code which will be available on this webpage.

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