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Sexual Health and Blood-borne Virus Program (SHBBVP) - Organisation structure
The Western Australian Department of Health’s Sexual Health and Blood-borne Virus Program directs and coordinates the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and blood-borne viruses (BBVs) in Western Australia (WA).

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    • reduce the incidence and transmission of STIs, HIV, hepatitis C and other BBVs
    • minimise the personal and social impact of STIs, HIV, hepatitis C and other BBVs


    • develop and implement statewide policy
    • improve quality of evaluation and information systems – data collection, analysis and dissemination
    • build capacity of health/non-health workforce
    • increase access to prevention and treatment services
    • raise the profile of sexual health and blood-borne virus issues

Core functions:

    • fund non-government organisations and population health units to conduct sexual health promotion; and STI and BBV prevention programs for the general community and for high-risk groups
    • conduct and fund education and training programs for health professionals, and other education and health related groups throughout the state
    • prepare statewide policy documents on HIV/AIDS, STIs and BBVs as well as provide representation on both national and state committees
    • manage the statewide Needle and Syringe Program
    • provide support for national campaigns and events, coordinate state media campaigns which are aimed at raising awareness of STIs and BBVs
    • implement the recommendations of the Explicit Performance Standards Report Workplace and Education Framework for STD Management; and has produced the Clinical Guidelines for Management of STIs and policies for health care providers
    • the Western Australian sexual health and blood-borne virus program website is directed at consumers and health professionals who want ready access to a range of sexual health and blood-borne virus-related information and resources in WA
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