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For those looking for the Vaccine Administration Code, please click on the hyperlink immediately below:

Vaccine Administration Code [PDF 463KB]


Cold chain and wastage reporting

Adverse Event Following Immunisation

Western Australian Vaccine Safety Surveillance (WAVSS) system

Provider information

Immunisation education

Fact sheet and brochure ordering

Australian Childhood Immunisation Register

Link to immunisation information for the public

Medical practitioner vaccine administration orders for practice nurses

What's new

Investigation of Western Australian children with no vaccinations recorded on the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register

A new report describes a WA Health investigation into the reasons that WA children had no immunisations on the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR). The main reason was that children had moved from overseas but previous immunisations had not been added to the ACIR.

Reporting adverse events following immunisations (AEFI).

All AEFI's should be reported to the Western Australian vaccine safety surveillance (WAVSS) system.

Western Australian immunisation strategy release

The Western Australian Immunisation Strategy 2013-2015 is now available. The purpose of the immunisation strategy is to provide clear direction for the immunisation stakeholders on how to optimise immunisation service delivery across the state, within the context of national policy

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