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Wastewater Systems

In areas where reticulated sewerage is unavailable, onsite disposal of wastewater is required. All wastewater systems or products require Department of Health approval. All wastewater systems require either local government or Department of Health approval prior to installation.

Which system to install?

It is important to check with your local government for specific requirements that may exist in your area. The complete lists of approved systems and manufacturers’/distributors’ contact details can be found at: List of approved systems

In most cases, conventional septic tank- leach drain systems will be adequate. However, Local Governments may require systems that produce effluent of a higher quality, such as: Alternative Treatment Systems (ATS) and Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU). Further clarification should be sought from the local government on the effluent quality requirements.

Waterless composting toilets or incinerating toilets in combination with greywater systems can also be used for remote areas or where water is limited.

Building construction sites are required to have approved temporary toilets, where access to toilet facilities onsite is not available.

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