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X-ray radiation safety

Fact sheets

In Western Australia the Radiation Safety Act 1975 and the Radiation Safety (General) Regulations 1983 apply to all irradiating apparatus (x-ray equipment) for both medical and industrial uses. The responsibility for the safe use of x-ray equipment lies with each owner under the guidance of the Radiological Council, an independent statutory authority appointed under the Act.

For all matters that deal with registration and licensing of x-ray equipment for medical and industrial uses please contact the Radiological Council

For information about the radiation risks associated with pregnancy the following document may be of assistance Radiation and Pregnancy (PDF 218KB) .

For general information about the use of diagnostic x-rays in medical applications the following document may be of assistance How Safe are Medical X-Rays (PDF 194KB).

For more information please contact the Radiation Health Branch on (08) 93488 4999.

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