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Environmental Health Directorate

About us

The Environmental Health Directorate consists of Environmental Health Officers, Toxicologists, Environmental Scientists, Food Technicians, Policy Officers, Entomologists, Nutritionists, Physicists, Administration Officers and Record Services.

Our guiding values

  • Integrity: consistently applying moral and principled behaviour which reflects trust and honesty
  • Leadership: providing vision and purpose in environmental health through inspiration, dedication and initiative
  • Excellence: being innovative, creative and responsive in the way we think, act and learn, and meeting and overcoming challenges to expand capabilities to achieve quality outcomes and success
  • Fairness: acting without bias and behaving in a way that leads to equitable outcomes;
  • Cooperation: constructively thinking, working and learning together, by valuing the uniqueness of each individual, by supporting each other and by being capable of uniting cohesively as a group and community and
  • Service: commitment to environmental health through responsive actions and management of time, resources, and expertise

Year book

The Environmental Health Directorate Yearbook provides an opportunity to showcase the work the Directorate does for the people of Western Australia.


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