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Local government

The protection and enhancement of the health and wellbeing of the WA community should be seen as the responsibility of all and addressed by government as a whole. Local Governments play an important role in addressing public health factors at a localised level.

A number of resources are available to assist Local Government with protecting the health of local communities.

Environmental Health resources



The Environmental Health Directorate has developed the following documents to support Environmental Health Officers and others involved in the management of hoarding and severe domestic squalor.

Hoarding and Severe Domestic Squalor: A Guideline for Western Australia

Hoarding and Severe Domestic Squalor: A Toolkit for Local Government

These documents have been developed through a consultative process with a range of agencies that have a regular involvement with issues of hoarding and squalor. The Environmental Health Directorate will be seeking feedback on the usefulness of the documents and has a strong interest to develop an evidence base (possibly a library of case studies) that may provide stronger and more detailed assistance to those directly involved in managing specific cases of hoarding and domestic squalor.

Please submit any feedback including suggestions for case studies to eh.submissions.

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