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Where to get vaccinated

Where to get vaccinated

Where do I go to get vaccinated?

Immunisations can be obtained from your General Practitioner, Community Health Clinics, some Local Government Councils and Aboriginal Community Health Services . The school immunisation program is delivered in Year Eight at school. You may need to phone your local providers to find out clinic times and locations. Please be aware that general practitioners may charge a consultation fee.

The Central Immunisation Clinic provides a free immunisation service. The Central Immunisation Clinic also provides immunisation advice over the phone or via email. Contact information is recorded below or for more infomation see the Central Immunisation Clinic  


16 Rheola Street, West Perth WA 6005

Postal Address:

PO Box 8172, Perth Business Centre WA 6849


08 9321 1312


08 9322 5955

Web: (External link)


To find an immunisation provider contact your Regional Public Health Unit or for those in the Metropolitan Area consult the time table at the bottom of the page. Specific questions on immunisation should be directed to a doctor, the local Public Health Unit or the Central Immunisation Clinic on 9321 1312 .

Regional Public Health Units

Perth – North

(08) 9222 8588 

Perth – South

(08) 9431 0200


(08) 9842 7500


(08) 9194 1630


(08) 9781 2350 


(08) 9941 0515


(08) 9956 1985


(08) 9080 8200


(08) 9622 4320

South Hedland

(08) 9158 9222


Metropolitan Immunisation Clinics

Below is a timetable and contact details for the Immunisation Clinics in the Metropolitan Area that provide immunisation services for infants and children (unless otherwise indicated). This information is correct at the time of publication but is subject to change, please contact the Immunisation Clinic to confirm opening times and dates. Please bring your Medicare card and your child's immunisation record to the clinics.


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