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Statutory medical notifications Department of Health (Western Australia)

This website provides information for medical practitioners and other health professionals about a number of statutory medical notifications (and some related authorisations ) to the Department of Health (Western Australia) that are required under West Australian health legislation. The site contains information about:

    • what needs to be reported - and the related legislation
    • current Department of Health notification and authorisation procedures
    • contact details for further information.

What are statutory medical notifications?

Statutory medical notifications are those where the requirement that a particular medical event be notified is specified in legislation or associated regulations. That is, the notification is mandatory under state law.

There are a number of health related Acts and Regulations that specify the reporting of medical events, conditions or diseases in Western Australia. For example, under the Health Act 1911, all medical practitioners practising in Western Australia are legally required to report the diagnosis of infectious diseases that are of public health significance.

Statutory responsibilities covered by this site

In Western Australia the Health Act 1911 is the principal piece of legislation that provides the mechanisms through which statutory or mandatory notification is effected. A number of other Acts and Regulations also stipulate the requirement for notification of medical events or conditions.

This site includes the notifications to the Department of Health specified under the following legislation:


    • Health Act 1911
    • Poisons Act 1964


    • Regulations made under the Health Act 1911
    • Poisons Regulations 1965

Interested in viewing these acts and regulations?

Refer to: The Western Australian State Law Publisher

For information about other statutory notification requirements not covered by this site (such as mental health, radiation health), please contact the relevant section of the Department of Health.

Mandatory reporting to the Department of Health that is license or contract based, rather than legislatively based, is not included here. Information on these matters is available from the relevant section of the Department of Health.

Statutory authorisations

Some state legislation specifies the requirement for authorisation to be obtained prior to particular medical actions. While the primary aim of this site is to provide information on mandatory notifications, the site also contains information about some related statutory authorisation requirements.

For information about medical events requiring authorisation not covered by this site, please contact the appropriate section of the Department of Health.

Using the site

The information in the site is organised under topics rather than by Act or Regulation. On the left hand side, under notifications is a list of topic headings. Click on the relevant heading to go to information on the specific medical event.

For each notifiable event, information is provided about the notification procedures, who has responsibility for making the notification and the relevant legislation. In some cases it is possible to access the necessary forms electronically. Contact details for further information about procedures or related public health information are also provided.

The authorisation section is organised the same way.

For any queries regarding the website itself please call the Regulatory Support Unit, Public Health DivisionĀ on (08) 9222 2295.

For information about the specific notification procedures, please use the contact details provided in the relevant section.

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