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School-based sexual health education

  Growing and Developing Healthy Relationships

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Growing and Developing Healthy Relationships is a partnership between the WA Departments of Health and Education, and is supported by the Association of Independent Schools of WA.

The curriculum support materials were first released in 2002 to all schools in Western Australia. These materials approach relationship education in a positive way and are consistent with the WA Curriculum Framework.

These materials have since been upgraded into an interactive website. This site provides a range of age-appropriate learning activities and support to assist teachers to deliver relationship/sexual health education including:
  • K-10 learning activities menu aligned to the K-10 syllabus
  • Online question box to support teachers
  • Background information and teaching notes
  • Resources including illustrations, fact sheets, links, etc.
  • Multimedia: Virtual tour, Video clips, Quizzes, e-newsletter and Podcasts.

Visit the Growing and Developing Healthy Relationships website.


For more information contact or the Sexual Health and Blood-borne Virus Program.

Parents and Sex Education

Parents and sex education report for educators

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