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Emerging community issues

It is important we are aware of and understand new issues that are emerging in WA. Our aim is to:

  • provide up to date information to the public on emerging health issues or concerns common to WA
  • participate in planning to help to minimise future health implications that may be associated with the issue
  • work with industry and the community to address any real or perceived public concerns.

Some of the recent emerging community issues we have investigated include:

Wind farms

Concerns have been raised in some parts of Australia that wind farms, used to generate low carbon energy, may potentially be causing health problems in people who live in close proximity to these farms. The evidence has yet to be confirmed if this is a real or a perceived risk. The National Health and Medical Research Council has reviewed available research and released a Public Statement (External link) in 2010.

We will continue to monitor the evidence and consider whether measures to minimise health implications from wind farms established in WA are warranted. We are currently engaged with industry groups and agencies to discuss issues associated with the establishment of wind farms in WA.




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