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Healthy eating is important for good health, growth and development and protecting against illness and disease. Eating a variety of healthy and nutritious foods can also help people maintain a healthy weight throughout childhood and adulthood.

Want more information on healthy eating?

Refresh.ED is an online resource to help teachers introduce food and nutrition in their classrooms. It provides teaching and learning materials for Kindergarten to Year 10, linked to the Australian Curriculum. Online professional learning is also available for teachers. Materials are free to download from the website.

Crunch&Sip is a set break to eat fruit (or salad vegetables) and drink water in the classroom each day. This program is available to all Western Australian primary schools.

Department of Education Healthy Food and Drink Policy information for parents, schools and canteens about the WA Department of Education’s Healthy Food and Drink policy. Helping public schools to plan menus full of healthy, nutritious and affordable food and drinks.

Eat for Health Australian Dietary Guidelines provide information about the amount and kind of foods you need to eat each day for good health and wellbeing.

FOODcents is a food literacy and education program to help families achieve a healthy diet on a budget.

Adults need to eat at least 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables every day. Visit Go for 2&5 for tips and quick and easy to prepare recipes.

Healthier Workplaces WA offers free services to all workplaces across Western Australia to help support and encourage workers to make positive lifestyle changes.

Healthy Choices Healthy Futures provides support and information to workplaces to encourage healthier food and drink choices.

Healthy Food for All is a comprehensive state wide, school and community based initiative run by Foodbank WA. The program includes:

  • School Breakfast Program gives all school students the equal opportunity to receive a wholesome and nutritious breakfast on a regular basis.
  • Food Sensations Program aims to improve knowledge and understanding of nutritious foods, and provides the skills to purchase and prepare them.

The LiveLighter campaign aims to encourage Western Australian adults to lead healthier lifestyles – to make changes to what they eat and drink, and to be more active to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Visit the website for free tools, tips and recipes.

My Healthy Balance is a free, on-line session based program that can assist you to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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