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Community consultation
WA Health regards community consultation as an important part of the planning stages for new developments such as new mining sites or any other small or large scale development that may impact on the local community. We believe the community should be given opportunities to participate in decisions that have the potential to affect their lives.

Proponents are encouraged to demonstrate that they are working effectively with communities.

Public Health Consultation

The Public Health Consultation: A Guide for Developers provides a framework for use by proponents when engaging with communities.

It is important that proponents and communities alike are aware of issues that may be perceived as risks and should be considered during the early planning stages of developments.

The Guide provides advice on the range of public health issues that may be of relevance to communities to consider as well as information related to the engagement of stakeholder groups who could be included in these consultation processes. The guide is intended to be a broad framework rather than a step by step process for community engagement and consultation. The framework has been developed to focus on a range of determinants of public health within the consultation process.

For further information phone the Science and Policy Unit of the Environmental Health Directorate on (08) 9388 4999 or email

Public Health Consultation Guidance Materials

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