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Office of the Executive Director Public Health

Profile shot of Dr. Tarun Weeramanthri

Dr. Tarun Weeramanthri Executive Director of the Public Health Division, Western Australia

Aim: to direct and lead State-wide public health policy and programs


  • Provide strategic and operational direction for public health services in WA Health
  • Advise the Director General and Minister on public health matters and emerging issues
  • Monitor trends in population health status in WA
  • Manage the human and financial resources within the Public Health and Clinical Services Division in order to gain maximum health benefits
  • Fulfil legislative responsibilities under the Health Act and other Acts (these functions are sometimes ascribed to the ‘Chief Health Officer’, which is the equivalent term used in other states for the WA position of ‘Executive Director Public Health’)
  • Represent WA on national committees, including Australian Health Protection Committee and National Health and Medical Research Council
  • Establish strong working relationships with public health staff employed by the Area Health Services and elsewhere within WA Health Department (through chairing of the Public Health Network)
  • Establish strong relationships with major public health stakeholders external to the WA Health Department

Organisational structure: The Executive Director Public Health directly line manages the following directorates: 

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Group image of Public Health and Clinical Services Divisional Directors 

Back Row (left to right) Paul Armstrong (CDCD), Hugh Dawkins (Office of Population Health Genomics), Andrew Robertson (DMRP), Brett Evans ( Nursing and Midwifery Office), Tarun Weeramanthri (EPHD).
Front row (left to right) Jim Dodds (EHD), Peter Somerford (Epidemiology), Denise Sullivan (Chronic Disease Prevention), Dianne Bianchini (Chief Health Professions Office), Di Rosman (Data Linkage)


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