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Disaster management
  Disaster Preparedness and Management

About DPMU - image of bus rollover

About DPMU

Find out what the Disaster Preparedness and Management Unit does.

Australian Medical Assistance Teams - WA


The WA chapter of the Australian Medical Assistance Team.

Medical management - image of disaster bags

Medical management

Hospital disaster preparedness, business continuity, and incident coordination centre planning. 

Training and development - image of emergotrain

Training and development

MIMMS, Emergo Train, B3, CBR, disaster training, public health aspects of disaster response, e-learning

Risk management and special events - Image of Red Bull Air Race

Risk management and special events

Risk management and disaster prepredness for public events.




What's new

DPMU has released the Disaster Preparedness and Management Yearbook July 2013 to June 2014 (Word 3.57MB) outlining the major events and achievements of 2013/2014, as well as looking ahead to future challenges in 2014/15.

DPMU has published a Dashboard Report (Word 397KB) to reflect important achievements and milestones in Disaster Management in 2013, as well as projections for 2014 and the future.

The training and development team has now released the 2015 Annual Training Calendar. Visit the training and development page for more information.



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